我们的两卧室和三卧室公寓拥有现代西方和亚洲风格的设计, 提供非凡的舒适感。 客房采用暖色调加重,并配有国际标准装置和配件。
我们的两卧室公寓面积为93平方米, 适合情侣和小型家庭入住。

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Services & Facilities

  • International standards systems and codes
  • The general power supply 220 volts, three phases & 50 Hz
  • Complete electrical system and all electrical outlets grounded
  • Appliances: gas stove with electric oven, refrigerator, and clothes washer/dryer
  • Plugs and switches imported

Water Supply

  • Hot and Cold water supply lines, pipes concealed in the wall
  • Automatic gas hot water heaters in each bathroom and kitchen
  • Bio septic tanks – environmentally tested and maintained
  • Constant water pressure

Floor Finishes and Curtains

  • High quality tile floors
  • Curtains & vertical blinds provided

Cabinets & Built-in Closets

  • Bath and kitchen cabinets with international sizes & standards
  • Bedrooms with spacious built-in closets

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